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Make A Wish Trip!!!

This trip was absolutely amazing. I really don't have words good enough to describe it. It was the most perfect trip ever! It was so magical and care free, just perfect! I could write a ton about it, and maybe sometime I will go back and write a lot more, but this will have to do for now :)

Make a Wish sent Jaylie a calendar that she could count down the days till the trip. She never missed a day! It was great!

Here are pictures from the trip!!

 The kids so excited for take off. The girls giggled and loved it when the plane took off and it was bumpy! They thought it was like a fun ride :)

This is one of the most amazing places in the world! Most everyone who helps out here are volunteers and they serve you like Kings and Queens. Its unbelievable!

 This was right when we pulled up into our villa. They rented us a van and we had our own little house. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, washer and dryer and living room. It was great! The first thing the kids wanted to do when we got there was swim.

 Every night at the village they had a different activity/party. Our first night was Winter Wonderland. You could sit on Santa's lap and then get a present, go on a carriage ride, meet characters, have snow cones, do crafts, etc. All the nightly activities were awesome, there was always music and a dj and dancing. The kids loved it!

 Kip and the kids on a carriage ride.

 Crew loved all the characters. He always hugged them. Jaylie loved them the most and was their best friend all week and Breklyn liked them ok but always cautious and more scared.

There was a carousel at the village. The kids rode it at least once a day, usually several times :)

Inside the castle of miracles meeting curious george.

Our first visit to a park. We went to Epcot first to have lunch with the princesses.
We all wore these blue buttons so workers would know we were make a wish and then I wore a badge around my neck that got us to the front of the lines. It was awesome! I can't imagine doing Disney World any other way :)

Crew was so good this whole trip. He napped almost everyday in the stroller and had so much fun. We worried about how well he would do and considered leaving him with my parents but Im so glad we took him. It was so fun seeing his cute reactions!

Jaylie posing like Donald Duck. We didn't even tell her too, she just did it and laughed :)
The girls got dressed up in their new princess dresses for our lunch!

Jaylie got kissed by Ariel and Snow White. Breklyn got one from Snow White too.
She loved it!

They loved getting their autographs and taking pictures with them. It was sooo fun to see them so excited. Its the best thing as a parent to see your child so happy.

At the end they did a parade and danced around. Ariel came and got Jaylie and they led the line together. This Ariel was awesome and really took to Jaylie since Jaylie wore an Ariel dress and told her she was her favorite. She was great with her!

Our waiter was great too. I love Crew's cheesy smile faces.

We went over to Magic Kingdom after the lunch.
Jaylie wears out a little faster than she used to so it was so nice having the Bob double stroller that we rented (now I want one, if only they weren't $500!) and then we rented a single stroller once we got into the park. It was a lot of walking. Thank you Heather and Christie for recommending the stroller!

Carousel at Magic Kingdom
The castle looked so cool turning colors at night.
We stayed late to watch the night firework show, it was great! Crew and Breklyn both fell asleep and Jaylie was so tired that she was expressionless during the whole thing. It was late and it had been a really eventful day.

Day 3: We started off at the village going to the Castle of Miracles.
Castle of Miracles.
This tree outside the castle would snore all the time:)

There was a wishing well in the castle too. When you threw a coin down, it would burp, or make a funny noise.

Playing Mr. Potato Head in the castle

This is Jaylie's star that she wrote her name on. The star fairy comes at midnight and gets all the stars that were made that day and puts them on the ceiling in the castle. They will be there forever. There is a star for every wish child that has ever stayed there. It was really special.

The girls watching the star fairy video after she made her star.

This is the box where you put the star for the star fairy to come get.

 I love all the stars on the ceiling, it was really cool.

Inside the castle she got to make pillows. This owl in the tree lead her through steps and they appeared in the trunk of the tree. It was neat.

Inside the castle there was a little play place that was dark and had black light stuff everywhere. Crew was so funny with this place, he would always make a scared sound and shake like he was scared :)

Then we were off to Islands of Adventure.

Feeding Crew to the dino

Harry Potter castle. I am not a Harry Potter fan, but this castle was amazing and the ride was so fun. I really enjoyed it!

Jaylie and Kip rode this ride, Jaylie loved it and still talks about how fun it was!

Back at the village they had a birthday party for Mr. Clayton, this big bunny rabbit. He is the mayor of the village. The girls were so into it. Everyone hid and then popped out for the surpise party.

They had snow cones and cotton candy at all the night events at the village.

Making play doh

She made him a birthday card.

 The girls were so cute to make their beds every day and arrange all their animals, pillows, etc they had gotten on the trip. So cute!

The next day, we went back to the Castle of Miracles to find where the star fairy put her star. They did an amazing little video she watched and it showed where her star was.

Its up in one of those star clusters :)

 Safari ride at Animal Kingdom. Sorry some of these are totally out of order.

 Meeting characters was their favorite thing!

 Everywhere we went people would comment on how cute and funny Crew was, especially when he would smile. He loves posing for the camera and giving cheesy smiles and he got lots of attention from strangers bc of it.

Parade at Animal Kingdom. They were so fun. The characters were so good to interact with Jaylie.

We got the kids popcorn and they were messes by the time the parade was over!

We saw the Lion King show there, it was great!

On the safari in Animal Kingdom.

Crew after he ate a snow cone back at the nightly village party.
 Making ginger bread houses at the nightly village activity. They did it at the playground and did a candy land theme and had lots of carnival games and activities. Seriously, every night there was awesome. We were so impressed!

Mrs. Clayton, this girl bunny, is Mr. Clayton's wife. Jaylie could choose either one to come tuck them into bed and she chose her, she favors girls by far! They had been sooo excited all day for her to tuck them in. We got them Disney World shirts earlier that day and they wore them to show her :)

The next day we had breakfast then got ice cream before we went to the park. I miss all that ice cream! haha! This character from a show was at the village so we went and met him then we went to Magic Kingdom again.

 The girls were beyond excited to see Rapunzel! I forgot to mention that we got to go to the front of the lines for the rides and for meeting characters. This line was over an hour long and we got right up to the front. It was pretty amazing and was the best way to see the parks! It made everything so much nicer and it was so fun!

 Holding pascal that they had.

 This guy was the best peter pan ever! He played with the girls for a while and was soo cute with them and taught them how to fly!

 At the village they had movie night at the pool. We got some more ice cream and enjoyed the movie.
 Ice cream face

Here are more pictures from the park that day. I took some with our camera and we got the photographers at the parks to take pictures. Thats why they are not always in order. I'm pulling them from a few diff places :)

Jaylie loves Ariel so much!

We went back to the village and they had a swim party. They had bbq poolside and lots of fun games, free shirts, and prizes for the kids. It was one of the funnest nights!
Jaylie doing the chicken dance. We took a TON of video and got some cute video of the kids dancing.

My little surfers

Crew loved dancing and spinning! This kid is all about the thrills and being crazy!

These next pictures are from one of the nights at the village. They had a Halloween theme with face painting, crafts, and trick or treating. After that we played miniature golf. It was all of the kids first time and they loved it!
Girls their faces painted. Another neat thing about the village is that most of the workers are volunteers. There was a whole group of college friends who came down from Indiana for a week and half and were at the village all day. So neat! 

Crew showing us his wand he made for crafts.

The girls made these fairy wings and decorated them. They looked so cute wearing them all night.

I got a shot the next morning of the back of the wings.

Face painting

This day we saw Mickey and Minnie at the village then went to Universal Studios.
A picture of us at breakfast.

These chipmunk statues are in the theatre where Mickey and Minnie were.

Kip used to love The Simpsons when we were first married so we had to get a pic with them.

Tired girl

I took this picture for my Mom because she loves Betty Boop.

All the kids loved seeing Dora. Crew loves watching Dora and he got so excited.
Marry Poppins. The girls had no clue who she was. We need to watch it together.

Our last day in Florida we stayed at the Village and did horse back riding and miniature golf.
The kids all got cowboy hats after riding the horses. We bought Jaylie a Give Kids The World t shirt and she wanted to wear it so bad. It was too big on her, so she just wore it with leggings and she thought she looked so good. She is so cute!

Breklyn posing by this painted wall. Such a cool wall.

 We played mini golf one last time and they all got sick of wearing the hats and it was hard to carry all our stuff plus the 3 hats, so I wore them all :) I looked so silly.
 Jaylie did really good actually. She enjoyed it lots!

 We got lays the night before too, so the kids had Kip wear one. There were some really pretty spots with the fountains and stuff. I wish I would have had my good camera. We took our old one on the trip and it is horrible compared to the new one. Lots of red eye, blurry pics, and not as clear. We didn't want our new one to get stolen or anything so we didn't bring it. I am glad I have some though.

Our last ice cream before we left

Last carousel ride

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