Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Update

I finally got the pictures up on the blog from our trip to Disney World!

Things are going good around here. Jaylie is feeling good and having a fun summer so far swimming and playing with Breklyn and Crew. Her next MRI is on August 7th and we will go over the results at the Neuro Onc appointment on the 9th. If all is well, then they will schedule surgery to take her port out! So exciting! Its one surgery you actually look forward to. No more antibiotics after that!

We moved houses so things have been busy but good (and its one of the reasons I am so behind on blogging). We had to be out of our old house 2 weeks before we could move in to the new one so we stayed at my parents house in Leander. It was nice being out there with them and swimming everyday. We were able to stay in the same neighborhood which was what we wanted so we didn't have to switch Jaylie's school.  Thank you to everyone who helped us move! My mom has been so helpful helping me get the house unpacked and set up. We moved in Friday night until about 8:30, then her and I worked until 2am. The next day we worked from about 11am to 1am and pretty much got everything unpacked, organized and set up. Pretty amazing! She is such a go getter and is so good to serve. I love her and am so thankful for her.

Jaylie's hair is growing back more and more every week. She used to draw pictures of herself bald and now her pictures show her having really short hair :) Its really cute and she is super excited about it growing. It is about an inch everywhere. She just has one bald spot where her scar is and where she got the boost of radiation where the tumor was. As it grows, it should cover that spot so you can't really tell. I will put a picture up when I put them onto the computer.

We are so blessed that things are well right now. We are just enjoying our time with her and trying not to worry about the scans and tests in August. It is so nice having down time. Please keep praying that she will remain cancer free forever and pray for all the other little warriors!

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  1. Your make a wish pictures totally made me cry! Are they not the greatest organization ever!? I am so glad your sweet family got to go on this trip and be NORMAL! That little girl of yours is precious.