Friday, June 22, 2012

Hyundai Brain Tumor Event

Hyundai donated $75,000 to the neuro oncology (brain cancer) program of the cancer clinic at Dell Children's hospital! They had a little event for it yesterday at the hospital and invited some brain tumor kids to come. They asked me if I would speak for a couple minutes about Jaylie and her experience at Dell and at the clinic. Dr. Harrod spoke first and make me cry and get all emotional. I have never seen her emotional before and she got emotional while she was talking about the kids and how this money will help them and the program set up for them. I didn't realize I spoke right after her, so I didn't have time to compose myself. Jaylie went up to the podium with me and I half cried through my whole speech. I hate crying and totally didn't think I would, but I couldn't do anything about it. I get emotional when I talk about all the people who have helped us through this and Dr. Harrod, her team, the clinic and 4 north are definitely at the top of the list. It's hard not to get emotional when you talk about these kind of experiences. Other mothers told me the same thing and were crying too, so I didn't feel as bad. You would think after all this time I would be able to control my emotions better! Sometimes I am but sometimes it's just too strong to hold it back.

Anyways, after me they presented her with a check and had refreshments and gift bags for the kids. Jaylie loved it of course:)

It was amazing event and I am so so glad we were able to be part of it. It's really amazing what people do to help others. Thank you Hyundai!!!!! You guys rock!!!

They presented Dr.Harrod this $75,000 check and she wanted the brain tumor kids in the picture with her, because essentially the money is for them and is going to better the program that's in place for them. I am so thankful!

Getting paint on her hand to put handprints on this canvas, the car and Dr.Harrods lab coat.

Putting her print on the car.

She loved this!

With Dr.Harrod

Little Briggs came with us and he got to do it too:) my mom watches him on Thursdays and when I told her I was speaking she wanted to come. I was glad they were there. I think Jaylie and Briggs will always have a special bond bc they were in the hospital together and went through their health trials at the same time. Isn't he sooo cute!

Talking with one of the Hyundai men. They were all so nice.

They let her do it again:)

This car was so cool. It had handprint stickers all over it with the cancer child's name and age.

Jaylie standing by her red handprint.

The kids got to handprint this lab coat for Dr.Harrod. It had some on the back too.

Jaylie with her friend Hayley. She is such a little girl with a sweet family.

Showing off their bags they got from Hyundai.

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  1. That is so awesome, and that is amazing they donated so much money. What a neat thing to be a part of:). It made me cry, and it definitely opens your eyes to the great things other people do for programs like this. I'm sure you will always get emotional about this, because it's something so close to your heart:). Love you!