Monday, June 4, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation!

I can't believe my baby girl graduated from Kindergarten! I was emotional that day. She is my first child to go to Kindergarten and she is a miracle child.  Kip and I both talked about how we were more proud of her than any other parent has been of their Kindergartner :) She loved school and did well and made lots of friends. We could not be more proud of this little girl!  

They sang a couple songs and did actions to them. One of the songs was "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. She was so cute up there singing her heart out and doing the actions. The words of the song meant so much more now and it was so hard to keep my tears in. Jaylie kept saying to Kip and I in the days leading up to the graduation that the goal is to make you cry. Kip and I were both crying on that song. It was special. I still cry when we hear that song in the car and she sings and does the actions. It sure is a whole new world for us. A world we never knew about before cancer.
Her class had to wear brown shirts and jeans or jean shorts. Not the Kindergarten graduation outfit I would have planned, but it was nice having all the kids from the same class wearing the same color.

Her awesome teacher :)

These are from their Kindergarten field trip to a farm. It was fun. Jaylie got so tired from all the walking and stuff that she had a melt down at the end of it, so she rode home with me instead of going back in the bus with the other kids. She was not used to walking a lot or anything and she was so overly tired. I hadn't really seen her freak out like this before, it was very unlike her.

This one is from cowboy day at school. They got to dress up and do cowboy activities. This is the hat she got from her Make A Wish trip :)

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