Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Give Kids The World Village

Here are some pictures of the place we stayed during our Disney World trip where all the Make A Wish families stay. Its called Give Kids The World and it is really amazing and they really do give kids (and adults for that matter) the world! We did not want to leave!

 Entrance to Give Kids The World

 This is Amberville. There was putt putt in here, the train ride, video games, etc.

 They had these trains to take you from one side of the village to the other. Our villa was close to the pool and eating places but far from the playground, so we would ride this to get there.

 The ice cream palace where we ate way too much ice cream and banana splits! We have been careful what we are feeding Jaylie, but we went all out on this trip and have no regrets!

 The theater where they have movies sometimes and character greetings. We met Santa and Minnie and Mickey in here.

The castle of miracles with the carousel by it. Jaylie had her star put on the ceiling here where it will stay forever, there is a wishing well, a little salon the girls can get nails painted, tattoos and hand massages, there are characters here sometimes, a little play place with a little slide, etc. Its really neat.
 The inside of the castle with all the gold stars up on the ceiling.

 This playground was really neat. It had a life size candy land game around and through it.

 The Gingerbread house where we ate breakfast and dinner.

 The inside of the gingerbread house. The tables had candy mints built into them and there were different dolls and stuffed animals that lined the shelves near the ceiling. The kids loved it.

It was an amazing place and the kids want to go back! We will never forget it!

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