Monday, December 5, 2011

Make A Wish

The Make A Wish organization is amazing!! They came to the house a couple months ago to talk with Jaylie about what she wanted her wish to be and to do paperwork. They were so nice and brought Jaylie a game and a barbie in a decorated hand colored gift bag. She loved it! I am so blown away with how awesome this organization is. They grant a wish to all children with a life threatening disease. Jaylie wants to go to Disney World! We tried to give her a bunch of ideas that she could do but she always wanted Disney World and wouldn't even consider anything else :) I am glad that is what she chose. I'm sure it will be amazing! I have heard from several people who have done it for their wish and they said its unbelievable. They put you up in a hotel that is only for Make A Wish kids that looks awesome! You get special treatment and get to go to the front of the lines in the parks. We are so excited to go! We get to meet with the people from the company who is sponsoring us soon too, so that will be neat. We are so thankful to them, I will blog more about them after we meet with them. Any company who sponsors Make A Wish kids is amazing! Jaylie talks about this trip all the time and it really gives her something to look forward to after treatments are all done. Make A Wish is yet another thing I am so very thankful for.

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  1. Make-A-Wish is wonderful! Logan will be going on s trip this month right after Christmas. We are going to Disney World too! It's organizations like this that help our kidos keep going.