Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jaylie Update

Jaylie had an appointment to get labs done this past Thursday. It had been a little over a week since our last appointment, so it was a nice break. Jaylies counts were low the whole week of Thanksgiving and then some the next week so we were bound to the house for a while. This past Thursday her ANC was good at around 3000, anything over 1500 is normal. Her hemoglobin was low for a normal person but fine enough to be able to start chemo but her platelets were only 60 and they have to be 100 before she can start chemo which is scheduled for this Thursday. So we are hoping and praying that in one week her body will have made lots of platelets. If they are less than 100 then we have to postpone the chemo for a week which we don't want to do because that will put Jaylies really low time around Christmas and New Years. If she is able to start this Thursday then her counts should be starting to come up right after Christmas so they would be ok the week after Christmas probably. In short, we are hoping and praying that her platelets will be good enough to start chemo. This will be her 5th round! After this one only one more to go!!

This Thursday she also has another audiogram. These next couple audiograms are really important because this is when you usually start seeing hearing loss. We have faith that she won't have any and all will be well.

We met with the neuro oncologist today. He did a neuro exam on Jaylie and looked at her head and scar. He said all is well and her last MRI looked good (her brain and how it looks now). They will do more intensive exams when chemo is over. He checked her reflexes right under her knee and hers didn't bounce up like it normally does. He said its pretty normal to not have good reflexes during chemo. It's crazy how it's affecting her body in ways we don't even realize. Anyways, we were glad for the good news, she is doing so well.

We are ready for Christmas around here! Shopping is done and our home is decorated! It was so fun to actually do a tree this year (the past 8 years we have been gone for a lot of December). The kids are loving it. We have been reading lots of Cheistmas books too. We read one the other day and it was the story of Jesus birth. The last page showed a picture of baby Jesus and it was a real photograph of a real baby. Jaylie was saying how cute he was in her baby voice and was going on and on (she loves babies these days) and then she turned to Crew who was sitting next to her and told him that he was cuter and hugged him. She said no one is as cute as her little Crew :) She is a sweetie.

Jaylie went and got her Jammie's on by herself tonight and told us not to look then had Kip and I close her eyes while she came in and showed us her "surprise". She had put on her jams that say I Love Mom and Dad :) then she came and gave us big hugs and told us she loves us. It was so sweet! She hadn't ever been a cuddler and you wouldn't gave described Jaylie as super sweet but she has gotten so much sweeter through all this. I would say she is one of the sweetest little girls ever. She is always so sweet to us as parents and to her little sister and brother. I'm so thankful for her and love her so much. I am amazed everyday with her and her attitude and how well she is doing.

Jaylie in her jammies when she surprised us.

Our Christmas tree. It is silver and red. I wanted to do blue and silver but Jaylie really wanted it to be a Christmas color and she said blue was not Christmasy:)

Jaylie chose her outfit :)

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  1. Love these updates, Kajsa! And love that last pic of Jaylie's outfit! hA! Awesome style, Jaylie! :)

    We'll especially be praying that her body will be ready on Thursday! The countdown is on!

    Love you guys! And your tree looks GREAT! You're a good mom to do RED instead of BLUE! :) It's beautiful!