Friday, December 23, 2011

Hospital Pictures

Here are some pictures from her 5th chemo round.
Doing crafts, her favorite thing!
Boone, the pet therapy dog

Santa was there. It was so neat!
Our friends that came up from San Antonio, it was so fun seeing them.
Jaylie looking at the big table of presents. It was amazing.

Some pics of the Harley guys and girls. We and I'm sure all the other parents of the children there that day were so thankful for them.
Making reindeer ornament and cookies

Posing in front of her new bike and presents! I still can't believe she got a bike! This pig she is holding is her new favorite stuffed animal. She goes everywhere with Jaylie now. I am so glad she has stuffed animals she likes, I really feel like they have helped her so much through all of this.
Jaylie loves babies! She had fun with Rock, who came to visit.
This was one of her presents. It was a rock star kit :)
Listening to music on my phone eating hummus and pita bread. One of her favorite foods now.
Not feeling too good, when she doesn't feel good she likes to watch a show or movie and be left alone.
This is the Elmo balloon that the 10 year old girl, Jennifer, gave to Jaylie. She is the nicest little girl. She was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma and is doing chemotherapy now like Jaylie. Jaylie wanted to pass the balloon on when it was time for us to go home, so we gave it to a little boy Crew's age who has leukemia. He is so sweet and little and has blonde hair like Crew. It kills me to see him in there getting chemo and feeling yuck. I hate that anyone has to go through it.
Some close ups on Jaylie's scar. I hadn't taken any since it was still healing and she  had scabs on it. It has healed nicely I think.
Close up of her eye with only one eye lash left. She just has one on each eye now.
Her animals that she brought to the hospital and got from the hospital on this stay.
Kip took a picture of me writing on the board :) We have to write her intake and output for the nurses.

Cutie even without hair on her head or face!
 At physical therapy
 She rode this bike all the way back to her room which was a good distance. She felt tired and a little sick so that was a big deal.
 Getting a sticker. She has quite the collection now because she usually gets one each time she has an appointment.
 Feeling sick, poor girl. I hate it.
 Playing with my phone camera and laughing.  Jaylie is so fun to be around, we always have a good time.

Breklyn and Crew at my parents while we were in the hospital. They love each other! My sister is good about sending me pics of the kids which I love. I miss them so much when I am away!
 Reeces are Jaylie's favorite treat nowdays. She didn't eat anything all day except these. I was just glad she ate something and they have lots of calories and fat so I didn't mind.
 She loves her DS, especially when she is feeling yuck.
Jaylie with her pole she is hooked up to. It was quite decorated this time with her necklaces and ornaments she made and her hello kitty bag.
Dad and Jaylie chillin on the bed we sleep in.

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  1. I love all the pictures, kajsa! I can't believe how much energy she's still been having... especially with her 5th?!! round! my goodness, that girl IS a warrior!
    lots and lots of love to you guys! merry merry Christmas!