Thursday, December 15, 2011


First of all I've got to say that I love my family! I have the best husband and the best kids in the world! They are so loving and sweet to Kip and I. We watched Polar Express last night with the girls in our pj's and drank some hot chocolate. It was fun, they loved it. Breklyn leaned over during the movie and gave me a hug and said "Mom I love you!" So sweet:) I'm so blessed to have the family I do. I love them all so much!

Jaylie is doing well. We came home from the hospital on Sunday. Jaylie was so excited to come home. She did the best she had ever done when the nurse was deaccessing her port. She hates the sticky tape they put on it and usually cries and freaks out, even with adhesive remover and foam that helps take it off. She was so brave this time though and didn't cry or freak out.  We were so proud of her. We all missed Breklyn and Crew so much, especially me, I hate being away from them. They both got sick and were throwing up early Sunday morning, so my parents kept them at their house a little longer so we wouldn't bring the germs in around Jaylie. I was so glad when they came back home though. Luckily they didn't get too sick and it was over fast. It felt so good to be home with the whole family. It's only 4 days we stay in the hospital but it feels so long, especially having to be away from the kids.

Jaylie had an appointment yesterday and needed platelets. Her red blood cells were ok because she got them in the hospital, but she had a platelets transfusion. She enjoys staying because of all the crafts. This girl is definitely a crafty girl! It's her favorite thing, she loves it! She made a gingerbread house, (the UT swim team came to the cancer clinic and brought stuff for gingerbread houses), she also made a sand art fish for Crew and painted a brown paper bag for it to go in. I love how she is always thinking of others, she loves to surprise her brother and sister and get them stuff, it's so sweet. She is such a sweet special little girl. I just look at her and am filled with so much love for her. She is amazing and has been so great through all of this. Only one more round of chemo to go! I really can't believe it. We are praying hard that she won't get fever this time around so we can just keep her at home for Christmas. She started sneezing yesterday and sniffling last night and today, but hopefully it's allergies or something. Her counts are on their way down and will be really low all next week. We go back in on Tuesday for labs and I'm guessing she will need blood (red blood cells) and platelets, but we will see. Hopefully we can get her all the transfusions she needs before Christmas! When we were at the clinic yesterday there was a gift waiting for Jaylie. A little boy named Noah was in the hospital with us this past weekend and we met them for the first time. He is 11 and darling. Jaylie and I loved his bright green Nike sports shirt and hat and commented on it. So they gave Jaylie a bright pink hat just like his! Sooo nice! I am constantly amazed at the goodness of people. Hopefully we will see them again soon. When we got home from the appointment there was a gift waiting for Jaylie here at the house. Kendyll, my awesome friend who sits the kids for me a lot, was here to get it. It was a darling home made pink beanie that was so soft, it was from one of Jaylie's preschool friends. So nice again! Thank you! Jaylie loves getting gifts and it really means a lot to her especially coming from other kids because she is not able to be around other kids or her friends hardly ever. She also loves getting peoples Christmas cards. L

Jaylie went in for her physical therapy appointment today to assess how she is doing.  Her left shoulder and arm are fine and she can move it fine.  It is just when she is accessed that she babies it so much, but when its out she moves it and holds it fine. She didn't notice any scoliosis and said it might have just looked and felt that way because of the way Jaylie was holding her arm and shoulder in the hospital bc she held it totally crooked. I think they will still have someone check it out though. The PT did say that she has some weakness (which is obvious and totally normal with chemo) so she just gave me some exercises and stretches to do with her. So that is good news :) Poor girl has felt sick the last two mornings and has thrown up. She handles it so well though. Breklyn and Crew were both there this morning watching. Breklyn was so sweet and was saying to Jaylie that she was so sorry she was sick and she hopes she feels better. It was really cute.   She threw up a lot today and it was kind of loud so Crew was just staring wondering what was going on.  Jaylie is tough and doesn't like to tell us when she is not feeling well, you never hear her complain about how she feels unless you ask her and are trying to get her to tell you.  She told me after she threw up that she felt sick all morning but just didn't tell me. I constantly talk to her about talking to me and telling me how she feels and that I want to know right away if she has a headache, earache, stomach ache, if her mouth hurts or legs hurt, etc. But still she just doesn't tell us much, she pushes through pain, or maybe just tries to ignore it. She has always been super tough though. She probably gets sick of me always asking her how she is feeling.

Anyways, we are sooo excited for Christmas around here! Probably more so this year than any other year.  Jaylie's situation makes it special and not knowing what the future holds for her makes us want to make it the best Christmas ever for all of us. And I think it will be. We have so much gratitude this year for the Savior and are so excited to celebrate his birth. The girls are at such a fun age and understand the true meaning of Christmas and love to talk about it. Of course they are excited about Santa too. We have an elf on the shelf that they love. They named him Elfie :) We love him at our house, it always helps to get them acting good if they are not. We aren't doing Christmas cards this year, I figured it would be too much this year with everything going on and I am glad now that I decided that a while ago. The time has gone surprisingly fast and I can't believe there is only a little over a week until Christmas!

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