Monday, November 7, 2011

Audiogram Tomorrow

Jaylie has been doing well. Her counts are up and she is feeling good. She has been having a little bit of constipation problems the last couple of days and that is never fun for her, but I think it will be better by tonight because of all the Miralax she has in her.  We went to a pumpkin patch this weekend as a family and Jaylie got to go to my little brother and sisters play at their high school twice this weekend. It was fun for her. Even though her counts are pretty good we still have to be really careful she doesn't get sick. So its been a lot of laundry, baths, and sanitizing! Our water and electric bill have been more the last few months and I think I'm finally realizing why-because of all the baths, showers, and laundry we do now :) Its crazy. Jaylie goes in tomorrow for a hearing test again. She gets one before each chemo round. I am more nervous about this one than I ever have been. One because chances are her hearing will get worse with each chemo round and then she has been having to ask us to repeat what we are saying to her multiple times. She doesn't always, but its been happening a lot more than it used to. I'm hoping its just her being tired or something. But please say extra prayers that her hearing will be protected and that the chemo won't damage it. She goes in on Thursday for her 4th chemo round. We are half way through now! Only 3 more rounds to go! We feel so blessed that she made it through the first 3 rounds without a fever or infection. That is pretty amazing and we couldn't be more grateful. Everyone that sees Jaylie comments on how well she looks and is doing.  She is such a special little girl. I think all children who go through something like this are special. I just read one of our brain tumor friends blog and it is amazing to see how strong the parents are and the children are. It's so sad that anyone has to go through it though. We had an appointment this last Thursday and Jaylie had lost another pound and a half. She has stayed pretty stable this whole time and she has been eating decent lately, so we were surprised her weight went down. She is almost at the 10% loss mark and they don't like the kids to lose more weight than that. I have been trying everything I can to fatten her up and make her eat more.  Its crazy some of the stuff we do. I'm surprised the rest of us 4 haven't gained 20 lbs! Hopefully she will start gaining weight so we don't have to think about the other options. I talk with her about feeding tubes a lot and that motivates her to eat more. She is losing her hair more and more. She still has a tiny bit of blonde fuzz on her head in some places but you can't see it until you get close. Her eyebrows are pretty much gone and she has a few eyelashes left, but not many. They will probably all be gone with this chemo round. She still has quite a bit of hair on her arms and legs though, its crazy. Anyways, I will update more later this week. Thank you all for your prayers and service to our family.

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