Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monday's Appointment

I just got a blog app on my phone that lets me post pictures and words! I love it! I can at least try to get caught up with pictures on my phone. I have a ton on my computer at home I still need to put on the blog.

Jaylie had an appointment on Monday to get her nulasta shot. She always gets it the Monday after chemo. It helps keep her ANC count (immune system one) higher for longer. We got so lucky because it was the day that The Sunshine Kids group was there. They are an amazing group that is based out of Houston and they come here every 3 months and do neat things with the kids here. Last time it was the people from the Barnum and Bailey circus that they got to come and this time it was Build A Bear! They had someone in a build a hear suit and had different build a bears with outfits for the kids to choose from. I was shocked! So Jaylie got to build a bear there and then she asked if she could get one for her little brother and sister and they let her! We walked out with 3 build a bears and Jaylie was sooo excited! Crew and Breklyn loved theirs too. Jaylie got a heart bear and named her Hearty and has carried her everywhere with her since Monday. The sunshine kids group always brings juice and breakfast tacos too. It was very cool. I always get emotional with all the different organizations that do neat things for or with the kids. There were two workers from the Build a Bear store there and one of them we recognized from the Team Jaylie 5k! Her daughter was the one who gave Jaylie the build a bear at the 5k. She is a sweet little girl and Jaylie knows her by  name now :) She also cut her hair and donated it when Jaylie was newly diagnosed. They are both super nice and it was fun talking with her.

I will have to get a picture of the three kids with their bears and add it.

On our way out the door from this appointment Jaylie got sick to her stomach and super pale and weak. My mom was with us and we concluded that she had a vagal reaction probably from the shot she got. Nurse Karen wasn't there so it was a different nurse so maybe that had something to do with it. I get vagal reactions a lot like when I get blood taken or something. They are horrible and I feel like I'm dying. She was weak and tired for a little while but bounced back pretty fast. Here's a picture of her in her car seat that shows how white her face and lips were.

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