Saturday, November 12, 2011

We're Home

They let us go home tonight from the hospital. They were able to start the three days of chemos earlier than usual so we were done earlier. We had the best nurses this time around. They are all great on 4 North but I especially loved the ones this time. We had the nurse who is in charge of doing the Beads of Courage beads at the hospital and she gave Jaylie lots of fun beads for different things like taking her meds which she hates and deaccessing (taking the tubie out of her port) which she hates. Jaylie loved getting new beads. She did really well this round and did not throw up at all. There was really only one night when I thought she might throw up but they gave her nausea medicine before she did. She was on a lot of nausea meds but they helped and she had a
good time playing with us and doing all the fun activities the hospital had. She made turkey crafts and goo and watched part of Hairspray at movie night. We played lots of Disney Scene It, she loves this game! She also ate quite a bit this round. Usually the chemo makes you not want to eat anything. She ate a lot which surprised us all. We watched Briggs for a little but today. He is a doll. They are hopefully moving him to intermediate care and out of ICU tomorrow. We are hoping they will be able to go home for a while before his surgery. Jaylie is so cute with him. Overall it was a good stay. Hopefully she will be able to avoid fevers and infections this round like she has the other three. Her counts will be low over Thanksgiving so it will be our first Thanksgiving by ourselves and not with friends or family. I have never cooked a turkey, so well see how that turns out. It will also be our first Christmas at our house, we always go see Kips family in Utah or Arizona. I am actually exited to stay here and decorate and get a tree. We never set up a tree so we are excited and the girls can't wait to decorate. It will be fun for them.

Here are some pictures from our stay.

Kip took these of us sleeping and I took the one of him and Jaylie:)
It was nice taking a little rest today, my parents watched the kids all day so it was just us three at the hospital.

Listening to music on the iPad.

Making goo

Visiting Briggs. He looked so cute in his UT gear.

Love this picture. Someday they will be able to talk about their scars and being in the hospital at the same time.

Painting in the play room

Her Beads of Courage necklace with the new beads on it. 

Listening to her mp3 player. This girl loves music these days!

Boone one of the pet therapy dogs.

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