Monday, November 7, 2011


Here are lots of random pictures. I still have Breklyns birthday post and a Halloween post to do but here are some random ones from the last couple weeks.

Everytime we go up to the hospital for one of Jaylie's appointments we go and see Briggs. The cancer clinic and the PIKU are in different buildings so we walk outside and then go through the ER. We always walk super fast and have Jaylie hold her breathe or wear a mask when we walk through the ER just to be careful. Kip was holding her and we were walking through the ER and my mom and I looked at Jaylie and this is what she was doing. Love that she held her breathe even when we didn't tell her too. So cute!

At the Three Musketeers play my sibblings were in.

Picking out flowers for cast members with her Papa.

 Jaylie and Papa

Sitting in the theater waiting for the play to start

The girls saw Puss and Boots with Dad and Grandma. Kip's mom came to visit for a few days, we all had so much fun with her! The kids all love when she comes!

We went and got ice cream cones with Grandma and Crew go Breklyn's leftover cone and he LOVED it!

The girls made Owl cupcakes with Grandma. They love to bake and were so excited to make them. They turned out super cute too.

She took us out to eat at Pappasitos too. Its my fav mexican place. Their fajitas are the best in the world!
The girls eating their nachos. One of Jaylie's favorite foods through radiation and chemo has been bean and cheese nachos.

Kindra came over and watched the kids and supposedly taught Jaylie a dance and took this pic:) She won't do it for me though.

Breklyn at her 3 year appointment. She was so cute! She was so excited that it was her turn to go to the doctor. She wants to be just like her big sister so she was smiling and giggling the whole time. It was so cute. She still says all her babies and animals have cancer when she plays with them. She always plays doctor too and likes to fix them.

Kip and I at 2 different BYU games. We went to the UT game here in Austin and then the TCU game in Dallas. They were both fun but we lost both times. Kip played football for BYU and we both graduated from there so it was fun to go to some games, it had been a while.

My parents stayed overnight with the kids when we went up to Dallas for the game. My mom said all the girls wanted to do were puzzles. Breklyn got these for her birthday from a friend and they love them!

This was that same night, they said Crew would not leave my Dad alone, he is so loving!

This was the morning of Jaylie's MRI last week. We had to wake up soo early! She was resting in daddy's arms. She sure does love her Daddy!

I love this sleeping picture of her.

Baby Briggs sporting his UT gear:)

My mom got the girls these red boots at Round Top. So fun!

Jaylie getting her audiogram right before her 3rd round of chemo. They put little headphone type things in her ears and when she hears a beep she tells them. The tech is Liz, she is super nice and fun. 

Silly kids

Jaylie and her aunt Kindra

Crew at my parents finding popcorn by the popcorn machine.

Kip with my cousin Chris Hoke. He plays football for the Steelers and Kip went with my family to the game when they came to Houston. 

Jaylie after she got her orange Hello Kitty with my Mom. She named her Punkin. 

I found these pictures off my mom's phone. She took the girls to get a build a bear. Jaylie picked out a Hello Kitty and Breklyn a purple peace kitty. Jaylie's is named Pinky and Breklyn's is Star. They love them! Thank you Nana!
 Breklyn and Star

 Jaylie and Pinky

 Crew chillin

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  1. LOVE all the pics! Thank you for sharing! We pray for you guys every day! It's so cute, Briggs comes right after Jaylie in Tye and Kenadie's prayers.