Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was fun this year! Jaylies counts were still a little low so we had to be careful, but we were able to have fun! We went to the cancer clinics Halloween party that afernoon. They had fun things for the kids to do, pizza, cupcakes, carameled apples, and trick or treating on all the 4 floors of the clinic. It was lots of fun! After that we went home and rested till it was time for trick or treating that night. I'm so glad Jaylie was able to actually do stuff on Halloween!!

Breklyn the "Nice" witch. She always made sure we called her a nice witch, not a mean witch :)

 My little ghost. His makeup looks horrible, it was so hard to do on him with him moving and putting his hands all over it.

 Jaylie the Love Bug. She was so excited for Halloween this year. We went online looking at different costumes and she saw this one and knew she wanted it. I showed her a ton more and she wanted this one.  I must say, she looks pretty cute!

 Eating cupcakes

 Decorating carameled apples

 My three kiddos

 Walking the train tracks (in the hall) at the clinic

 Crew with Papa

 Jaylie and Breklyn with two sisters at the clinic. 

 Jaylie with her favorite nurse Karen.

We went trick or treating around the neighborhood that night. Our good friends went around with us. Breklyn loves their daughter Abigail. It was fun!
 Crew and Ellie in the stroller

 Kip, Crew, and Grandma :)

 Crew was a big hit! Everyone loved him and commented on how cute he was.

Breklyn and Abigail love each other!

 Pumpkins the girls painted. Jaylies is on the left, Breklyns on the right.

 Crew at the door helping pass out candy.

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