Monday, November 21, 2011

Hospital Pictures

I found these pictures that were taken over the last few rounds of chemo that I never put up.

Jaylie with Sarah. A friend of mine knew Sarah's mom from a friend of hers and got us in contact with each other. Sarah lives close to us and had cancer a couple years ago and went through chemo and everything. She was treated at the same hospital as Jaylie is now so it was neat talking with them and having the girls meet. She is darling little girl and is doing well now. Sarah and her mom came up to the hospital when we were there. They got Jaylie a couple gifts too, they are so sweet! We are glad we got to meet them! That same day they came up, another family we met whose daughter, Hayden,  is in treatment the same time as Jaylie with a brain tumor came up to the hospital and brought Jaylie a gift. They are so nice and its nice to talk with others who are going through similar things. They are in Houston for treatment and she has one more round of chemo to go. Her blog is here. Its crazy reading some of her posts because I feel the exact same way, no one understands how it is unless they have been through it, so its crazy to read hers and some others whose situation is similar to Jaylies, because I could just copy and paste what they say and have it be my words. Hayden is a darling little girl and we pray for them all the time.

Jaylie with Aubrey. She has visited Jaylie a couple times at the hospital. Jaylie loves it!!

Chillin in the room

They had a henna tattoo activity at the hospital on her second round of chemo. She was very particular about wanting the tattoo on all of her fingers because she saw it on another girl and loved it. I had never seen the henna tattoos done before, its crazy. Its puffy and then you rub off the puffiness a few hours later and it stains your skin dark orange.
This girl loves crafts and art work. We hung out and she colored and stuff in the playroom after she got her tattoo.
I need to be better about being in pictures, I am always the one taking them it seems.  My kids are going to think they didn't have a mom because I'm not in any pictures with them!  So here is one of us :)

 I tried to get a picture of her face when they put the saline into her port. When the poke it and draw blood or give medicine or anything they have to put saline in it and heparin in it. It goes through her tubie and into her port but she can taste it and smell it sometimes. They say its normal in kids and that sucking on candy or chewing gum helps. Before I knew that though she would do this and whine, its one of the worst parts about it is the taste and smell. Now she sucks on mints and does much better. She is quite picky about her mints though, I usually buy the bag of the red and white ones from the store but I had some sonic mints in my purse so I gave her one of those one time and she could totally tell a difference and does not like the sonic ones. So now everytime I give her a mint she makes sure its the kind from the store :)
 In the elevator all ready to be admitted to the hospital. She has to have a kitty and her backpack.

 She takes this Hello Kitty backpack to all of her appointments and its filled with schoolwork, fun activities, coloring stuff, head phones, etc. 

 They always have a little towel animal when we get into our room.

These next ones are of the kids playing at my parents when we were in the hospital. They love it at my parents house!
 So dirty!
Watching the chickens

 Getting her blood pressure checked after we got admitted and into our room. In this picture you can see the unevenness (is that even a word?) of her head where she got surgery and her skull had to grow together. I am really surprised with how good it all looks though.

 Playing in the hospital play room
 Crew loves balls, they are his favorite!

The kids in the bath at my parents house. I am so thankful they live close and are so willing to help us out when we are in the hospital with Jaylie!

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