Friday, November 25, 2011

Australia 5k

A great gal from Australia, Laura Rancie, saw Jaylie's story and decided to hold her own 5k for Jaylie there! I posted about it here a couple months ago if you want to check it out. Laura and I have become friends from emailing each other. Her kindness and good heart amaze me. She is a great person and it has been fun getting to know her a little bit. We are so thankful for Laura and all her hard work and for everyone who participated or donated to Jaylie's fund. You guys are awesome! I have always loved Australia, but I love it even more now :) Thank you Laura and everyone in Australia!!!!

This is what she wrote me the night before their Australia 5k:

Right now in Melbourne, Australia it is 9pm at night on Friday night but for you in Texas it is 6am on Friday. It's the eve of our FUN RUN around the botanical gardens in Melbourne and I have finished doing a banner to hold up and show people who Jaylie is. I've stuck photos of her on it, the one where she is in her green outfit with hat on (from the right side of the blog). She's beautiful. I've also used two of my favourites - the one with Abbie (abbies flying fairy school - is that who it is?) at Sea world, and the one of her last week at the fun run with the most beautiful smile on her face. I've also stuck on the tally of the $25000 goal with the $20,000 so far accumulated. I hope this is all ok. I'll be sure to take lots of photos tomorrow.

And this is what she wrote after the 5k:

Dear Nielson Family,

Well WE DID IT!!!
Yesterday we hosted a family fun run for you, Jaylie! We raised $415 Aussie dollars which currently equates to about $430 US dollars. I have just made the transfer so it should appear shortly. There were several people who couldn't come who said they would donate and although I won't harass them, I certainly hope they do donate via your blog link. 

The day was perfect, clear blue skies at 10am around a gorgeous running track called "The tan" around Melbourne's botanical gardens by the YARRA river. It is a 4 km track. We had 10 adults plus several kids (which by the way a 9 year old actually got the fastest running time of 17mins 30seconds for 4 km's!!). I dragged a bit with a a time of 28 mins. Yeah ... I'm working on it. Anyway we had a great time, I did a little welcome and introduced your family to my family, then got donations from people at which time the race was started. 
After everyone had returned, we all signed a card which will be coming your way soon Jaylie!! There's also a few little things in the package we hope you like. 

Here are some of the pictures she sent me, she sent more but for some reason I couldn't get them to work.
This is Laura in the orange shirt with white hoodie.

This darling pregnant girl is Laura's best friend :)

 This is Laura's son looking at the banner of Jaylie she made. This banner is awesome!

There were dogs there too :)

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