Friday, November 4, 2011

No evidence of Cancer!

(written yesterday morning)
We got Jaylie's MRI results today and it was good! No signs of cancer in her brain or spine! To say we are relieved is an understatement! We are still at the clinic and I still feel
nervous and shakey. For 2 weeks now we have been so nervous. In the brain tumor world we call it scanxiety. It's been bad and all these horrible thoughts and possible outcomes run through our minds. Now we can breathe a little easier till the next one in 3 months. Thank you everyone for the prayers. We know they work and we are so grateful that all of you so willingly help us and pray for her.

Briggs is doing a little better so they have held off on the surgery for now. They want him to be 10 or 11 pounds before they do the surgery, so as long as he is doing well they are going to hold off until he gets his weight up. Crazy times for our family but definitely a happy day for us!!

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