Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here are some pics from Jaylie's hospital stay

The above picture was taken on Tuesday April 26th before we knew Jaylie had a brain tumor. Here Jaylie was in the waiting room playing Candy Land before her hour and a half MRI. None of us ever expected that from this MRI we would find out that Jaylie had a brain tumor the size of plum that would need to be removed immediately. Then the removal of this tumor would lead to us finding out about her cancer. 

These 2 pictures above were taken on Wednesday April 27th 2011,  a day before Jaylie’s brain surgery on Thursday April 28th 2011. Jaylie loved playing dolls with lil sis Breklyn and Papa Ferguson.

Jaylie sleeping a couple of hours after her brain surgery on Thursday April 28th 2011.

Still recovering

Still recovering after surgery

Our sweet girl

Jays first time walking out of her room after surgery. You can see some of the cards and balloon in her room, she loved them all!

Jaylie’s little Brother Crew sleeping at the hospital

Entertaining Jaylie’s little brother Crew and sister Breklyn while Jaylie was in the hospital.

Finally staring to feel a little better

Jaylie opening some fun packages sent from friends and loving her ring pops! 

Jaylie during pet therapy a couple of days after her surgery.  The hospital has volunteers who bring in pets that are trained for pet therapy. Jaylie was not so sure about it at first, but then warmed up.  

Jaylie participating in her occupational therapy on the second to last day in the hospital.  

Jaylie doing some more pet therapy on the second to last day in the hospital. 

YAY for Smurfs

Jaylie enjoying watching the Smurfs with daddy and Nana Ferguson at the hospital on her last day in the hospital.

Jaylie is loving tweety bird these days

Finally leaving

Jay finally getting to leave the hospital and go home and get some rest before chemo and radiation begins.


  1. Thank you, thank you for starting this blog. It is so great for us to be able to see pictures and keep up to date with Jaylie's progress. She means so much to us, and our family has been praying everyday for her. We all love her so much and wish there was so much more we could do. It is nice to see pictures, and even though it makes us cry, we love feeling like we can know and see the progress being made. thank you

  2. Ashley, y'all are too sweet!! I'm glad we hae this central location for everyone to keep up with Jaylie's journey!

  3. Wow. I thought it was hard enough with my son in the NICU. I can't imagine what you all are going through-I think I cried a whole lake full of tears. What a blessing to have such a strong daughter though. She is amazing-as your whole family is. My family is praying for you all everyday also. Love Ben and Janelle McArthur