Monday, May 30, 2011

I love my ward aka church

So, the church we go to is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Our ward is made up of the members of our church who we attend church with on Sundays, and do activities with throughout the week. They have been so good to us and so supportive (as has everyone else). Tonight (Sunday May 29th 2011) they came to our house and surprised Jaylie with gifts and singing. They sung her favorite church songs and then brought gifts up to the door. Jaylie was acting shy because there were a lot of people! They got her scarves, hats, art projects she can do, and some jammies. So many cute things!! Our ward family is so awesome, it meant so much to us and Jaylie loved it. It was so hard not to just ball the whole time. The support and service we are receiving blow us away everyday.
So a huge thank you to all those who came over and participated!  We are so thankful for everyone. We feel so loved and appreciate it more than you will ever know! We love our ward!

Sorry these pictures are off of my cell phone, so the quality is not great.
 Jaylie was being shy and kind of scared at first, so she wanted her daddy to hold her. You can tell he had been crying in this picture.

 View from our front door

Jaylie with all her gifts. She is wearing a pair of jammies she got also. She was so excited and has been dressing up with everything for two days now.

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  1. okay, that is TOO sweet! I love what a THOUGHTFUL thing that was---and new jammies too!? So darling.
    What a great ward! I'm so happy that they are taking you guys in and taking care of you. What a blessing!
    I loved those pictures and the video. So so sweet.
    And, I can't believe those boys with the lemonade stand!?! AMAZING!
    Lots of love to you guys. Hope Jaylie's done okay with all the treatments this week.
    love love love.