Friday, May 20, 2011

More Pictures From the Hospital After her Brain Surgery

 Jaylie loved these rainbow popsicles. It is the first thing she ate after both of her surgeries.

 Looking at pictures with Dad. Her left side was really stiff and tense for the first few days after surgery. We put heating pads on her shoulder to help relax it down because she always kept it shrugged.

 We saw this face A LOT in the hospital! Whenever she wanted food or a drink, she would open her mouth like this instead of talk and tell us what she wanted.

 Dad feeding her some peaches a few days after surgery. I think she ate peaches at every meal, she loved them!

One of the few smiles we saw in the hospital. 

Jaylie's girl club poster Deb made. Deb is one of my mom and I's good friends and everytime she is over at my moms when we are there she has a girls club with Jaylie and whatever other girls are there who want to do it with them. Jaylie LOVES it! 

This is a picture of some of the goodies and gifts people brought/sent to us in the hospital. I wish I would have gotten a picture at the end of our stay because it probably quadrupled. So many people were so awesome to us. 

 Her first time getting outside the hospital since her surgery.

 Jaylie trying to push the marble ball around, it is a water fountain and the ball rotates when you  move it.
These are all the animals she received while in the hospital. Some from friends and family and some from the hospitals organizations. She wanted ALL of them on her bed all the time, so we kept them at the foot of the bed like this. She loved it! A huge thank you to all of you who contributed to this!

 Dad and Jaylie hugging in a maze outside the hospital. She has been a huge daddies girl through all of this. She adores him!
 I like this picture because it shows her looking at the iv in her arm. She hated these! She had so many of them and her arms would hurt so bad from them. She babied her arms a lot.

 She wore jammies the whole time she was in the hospital. These cloud ones have shorts that go with it. She was wearing the cloud ones and it was time to change her jammies and she threw a fit, she did not want to take off the shirt because she was scared to have to get it over her ouch arms. So we compromised and told her she could leave it on until we got back from our walk outside.

 My 3 kiddos. Crew looks huge in this picture! He is getting big so fast.  Jaylie got overwhelmed a little bit at night when everyone would come up to the hospital. It was a little crazy in that room with the kids, Kip and I, my parents, Kips mom, and sometimes my two sibblings Kindra and Kade. We had a huge support system in the hospital and the nurses thought it was cool and would always comment about it. My mom and Kips mom were up at the hospital with us pretty much all day everyday. It was awesome.

 Breklyn and Crew having fun playing on the fake grass at the hospital. We had just changed Crew's diaper and hadn't put his pants back on yet. It was so good seeing them at the hospital. We missed them so much!

 The pink monkey Jaylie got from the cart of toys, animals, books and more from the Assistance League of Austin. It is an awesome organization that brings the toy carts around to the kids in the hospital. It helped brighten Jaylie's day. We are so thankful for them. We will definitely be giving back to them someday.

 Picture of her hospital room, we tried to keep decorated.

 Crew playing in one of the playrooms they have at the hospital.

 Jaylie choosing a cookie from this darling cookie bouquet my friend Kandace sent her. 

 Looking out the window for the first time after surgery.

Following her surgery we would try and ask her questions and get her to do stuff to see if she still could, because we weren't sure how the surgery would effect her. A couple days after surgery she wanted to color and she used her left hand (she is right handed) because she had the iv's in the right arm. She did not use whichever arm the iv's were in. So she colored this left handed and wrote her name without us having to tell her to or how to spell it. We were thrilled!!!


  1. yeah kajsa! I love seeing all the new pictures!! I love all the captions you added too, such great descriptions.
    And, it looks like you updated the side bar too!!
    Love that girl. And, I love that she had ALL those cute stuffed animals at the edge of her bed! HA! She's too darling!
    Great work, girl.
    love you guys.
    love melis

  2. oh, and for the record, CREW IS HUGE!?! Whaaaaat!?!? So funny. Look at that crazy grin of his! Too cute. I can't believe how old he is getting.

    And, the stickers on his helmet are darling! What a fun mom you are!!

  3. What a trooper Jaylie is! She, along with your whole family are always in our thoughts and prayers!!!

  4. What a brave little girl! Thanks for posting all her cute pictures and for the updates. We are thinking about you all and praying for you.

  5. I posted a link on my blog to yours in hopes of bringing more traffic and donations your way. Best of luck to you and your sweet family.