Thursday, May 19, 2011

Written Monday May 16th 2011 by Kajsa

Today was a hard day. All the days since we found out about this have been hard, but today was worse. It almost seems like everyday gets worse, the way I feel is worse, and I get more scared everyday. The unknown is horrible. It seems the more I learn, the worse it all is. Sometimes it still seems like a dream. But it's reality and I don't have a choice but to stay strong, for Jaylie, myself, Kip, and the other kids. It's the hardest thing ever and I know it's just going to get worse. It kills me. The only peace I get is from Christ and my Father in Heaven.

Jaylie goes in tomorrow for an MRI and a follow up with Dr. Lee, her neurosurgeon. Were hoping that all is well and that the tumor hasn't started growing again. Her eyes have hurt her a little bit these last two days, so we worry that there is swelling, but hopefully not. We also see Dr. Harris, her oncologist tomorrow. We haven't gotten the results from the lumbar puncture yet, we are hoping there won't be cancer in her spinal fluid. We will find out all of this tomorrow.

I have a ton I could write; I'm just having a hard time finding time and energy to do it. I will write more tomorrow. Thank you again for your prayers.

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  1. Dear Kajsa,

    You do not cry alone. You are not alone. We thank you for sharing this difficult journey with us, for allowing us to serve and by doing so grow closer to the Savior. You and Jaylie are an inspiration. We love you and your sweet family. Amy Burt & Family