Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jaylie Goes Hunting for Chickens!!!

Today Jaylie had such a fun day going out with Nana and Papa Ferguson looking for chickens for their new chicken coop!! It's great to see Jaylie just having fun and being a kid! 

Pretty soon we will be getting lots of fresh eggs from all the chickens that will be filling his coop up!

Jaylie and Breklyn in the Chicken Coop

Jaylie Sitting with Uncle Kade. You can see part of Jaylie’s bandage from her surgery yesterday. Her surgery yesterday involved the doctors putting a port in her chest. The port will be used for the doctors during Jaylie’s Chemo and Radiation as well as getting blood-work done. This makes it where they don’t have to prick Jaylie every time she goes to the doctor. They can just go through the port.

Jaylie checkin out the chickens with brother Crew and Uncle Kade!

Jaylie and the ponies!

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