Friday, May 13, 2011

Written Wednesday May 4th 2011

We found out yesterday late afternoon that Jaylie has an aggressive form of cancer called PNET, or supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor. It was a very hard day to say the least. She will undergo radiation along with chemotherapy for 6 weeks and then just chemo for around 6-9 months. We are thankful for the prayers and all the cards, gifts, and food on our behalf and Jaylie's. She is recovering pretty well now, still waiting on her sodium levels but they get better everyday. We ate hoping to be home by Saturday or Sunday but are not sure yet. This is going to be a long road and a scary one for her and us. We are trying our best to stay strong and be happy for Jaylie's sake. She is a strong, determined, stubborn, competitive girl and all these qualities will help her through this. I know Heavenly Father sent her to earth with her personality for this reason. And I know that there is purpose in everything and that we are being strengthened and comforted. And I know my Savior knows my pain. This just sucks- bad.

My sister in law Kori is heading up a website where people can help out with things we need or will need in the months to come. If you email and give her your email address, she will add you so you can go on the site. Thank you all for your support in this hardest time of our lives.

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