Friday, May 13, 2011

Written Monday May 2nd 2011

Jaylie did well last night and slept well except having to go to the bathroom a couple times. She can't move very well so we have to help her out of bed and stuff. She has eaten pretty well today but we have to encourage her and she doesn't eat near what she used to, but shell get there. Her sodium levels are still being kept up by iv and they started having her take sodium tablets. She can't swallow pills yet so we have to crush them up and mix them with orange juice. I put a couple sugar packets in it because it is horrible and the salted thing you've ever tasted. She has to do 3 tablets 4 times a day, so it's a struggle getting hr to do it. Plus she's on a bunch of other meds but she has been a trooper taking them. We will stay in ICU until her sodium gets regulated on it's own. Her surgeon dr. Lee came and talked with us today and said within the next 24 hours it should be doing it on it's own. He said we still don't have the pathology reports back yet, maybe tomorrow. The oncologist is probably going to talk with us today and meet us. Therapists have been coming to work with her, physical and occupational. She pretty much hates them mainly I think because she is frustrated with herself because she can't do everything on her own. It’s going to be hard and sad for us but she will get there. Her left side isn't working quite as well as her right but were working on it. I started balling during therapy today because she was freaking out and not wanting to do it and just wasn't being herself and was being to the therapists. It was so hard to see her like that and sad that she even Has to go through this. I usually am pretty strong especially around her. Its just so hard.

She is only on Tylenol for the pain so that's awesome. They draw her blood every 4 hours and she hates that. She has an iv in each arm. Poor girl though, she's had a bunch of iv's and they work for a while but then give out so they have to do it in another place. It's so hard seeing your kid go through this.

Jaylie has laughed some today and has said some cute stuff. She is acting more like herself everyday. I'm so proud of her. We have a ways to go but I know she will get there.

I'm laying by her in her bed right now and she's playing games on Dads phone with her left hand which is great because she doesn't use that one as well as her right. She has been giving us the cutest little kisses the last couple days and it makes Kip and I so happy. This is the hardest thing I've ever gone through but I know I am being helped by my Heavenly Father and I am so thankful for all your prayers for us and Jaylie.

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