Friday, May 13, 2011

Written Sunday May 1st 2011

So this is just a rough sketch but I plan to add details and little changes later. I am going to go back to the start of all this when I get time, but for now this is what is going on now. 

Jaylie had a good night last night and pretty good day so far today. Yesterday and the night before last were really hard and scary for us. She seemed to be ok so they moved her out of the ICU and into the IMC (intermediate care). That night she was in a lot of pain on and off and was pretty unresponsive. Turns out her sodium levels were low so it was causing her to act like that. They also did a ct scan to make sure her brain was ok. The scan was ok, but they saw an air bubble in between her brain and scull so they are keeping their eye on that, it's supposed to be absorbed on it's own. Her fluid in her brain wasn't where it needs to be but it usually just takes time. She will probably get another scan in the next couple days. So because of her behavior and the scan, they moved us back to the ICU and started giving her sodium in her iv and she started doing much better and was more responsive. We are still in the ICU but she is doing better and we are seeing a little bit of her personality come through. We will probably stay here in the ICU until she can regulate her sodium levels on her own. She hasn't been able to eat for a couple days but did eat and drink this morning and has kept it down and seems to feel good. We will be working with a couple different therapists (occupational, respiratory, and physical) to get her back to where she was before the surgery. We hope and pray that she continues to get better. The hardest part is when they have to put in new iv's She hates that. We are on number 5 or 6 now. I will update this periodically. Thank you for your love and prayers and service to our family.

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