Friday, August 19, 2011

Chemo Day 2

Jaylie did really well all through the night. She never complained of being nauseous, got sick or threw up. I just kept waiting and wondering if she would start feeling sick and she never did! She has been fine all day too. We are so glad she is reacting this well to the chemo. She had the nastiest chemo last night and did awesome and had a different kind tonight and has done awesome. She has one more dose tomorrow night and then hopefully we will go home on Sunday. I feel so blessed that she has done well though this, it is a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father. Thank you for your prayers, I know they are working. Jaylie and I both did not get much sleep last night. We have to wake her up every 2 hours to go pee and then they do vitals every 4 and then sometimes the iv machine would beep and they would come in. Jaylie woke up this morning and said to me "I didn't sleep at all last night!" She slept more than me because she would fall asleep faster but she didn't get near the amount she is used to. I am exhausted! It took me forever to fall asleep last night and then it seemed like once I would fall asleep, I would have to wake up a few minutes later. I kept switching back and forth between my couch bed and Jaylie's bed. Her bed is more comfortable but she likes to take up a lot of room :) I remember this couch bed being so much more comfortable last time we were here, but it was probably because we were so tired, physically and emotionally that we were able to sleep better. Kip is coming up here tonight and I am going home to sleep. I am excited! I am so glad that we live close to this hospital. We are about 30-50 minutes away depending on the time of day, but a lot of people I have talked with live farther or out of town. We have been blessed in so many ways and I know we came here to Austin for a reason and I am thankful we are close. I havn't seen Breklyn or Crew all day! I hate it, I miss them sooo much. I can't wait to wake up to their cute little faces. Jaylie misses them too and can't wait to see them tomorrow when I bring them up.

Jaylie has been really emotional today and hasn't wanted to really talk to anyone who comes in to the room or who talks to her when we are walking around. She is kind of shy anyways, but today she was really shy and cried really easily. I think it  is hard for her to be back in the hospital. I think she thinks that she will get hurt because she gets scared when someone comes in. The first time we were in the hospital she did get hurt pretty much every time someone came in. She had iv's everywhere and they had to poke her in her toes, fingers, and legs on top of having multiple iv's and owies. Poor girl, I don't blame her for being scared. Luckily thought this time around is so much better. No pokes and no owies, it all goes through her tubes that are hanging from her port. Hopefully she will keep getting more used to it. Jaylie's friend Aubrey came up today to keep Jaylie company. My good friend Michelle is her mom. She is so great and it was fun to have them up here. Jaylie got to see Papa and Uncle Kade and Aunt Kindra too for a little bit. Jaylie has really been hating to take her medicines today. The meds in the hospital don't have the flavoring that hers do at home. I had the pharmacy flavor them so she would take them better. It was such a fight today getting her to take them. She has never freaked out about taking her meds as she did today. I was not happy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I hate that she has to take them and get all upset.

It is my bed time. Jaylie has so much energy, its after 10 at night and she is still not wanting to sleep. She can go go go all the time, its amazing. She has my mom's energy, my mom never rests, she is a busy body and can go on such little sleep. Jaylie has always been like that and has always reminded me of my mom.  I love my little Jaylie so much.

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