Sunday, August 14, 2011

CJ and Robins Visit

My brother CJ and his wife Robin and their two little girls Jaysa and Paisley came to visit from St George Utah. They were here for a couple weeks. We went to Sea World, swam at my parents a lot, they were here for the 5k, we went swimming at Barton Springs and hung out a lot. It was perfect timing because Jaylie was off all her treatments so her counts were good and we were able to go places and hang out a lot. It was fun! Breklyn and Jaysa are only 3 months apart and they have sooo much fun together. Little girls are so cute!

Jaylie got a Nintendo DS from Aunt Robin and Uncle CJ and Robin's family (The Romney's). Thank you so much guys! We loved the reading the card and all the notes too. She LOVES it!!!
Jaylie opened her present the same day we celebrated Crew's birthday.

 They got her a ton of games too :)
 Hugging CJ
 Daddy helping her play it

Here are some pictures from their visit
 Jaysa and Breklyn running around at Barton Springs pool

 Crew hanging out snacking

 The girls loved finding snails in the ground and collected a ton of them! I love Jaysa's face here, it is so cute!

 Feeding CJ :)
 Looking for snails
 Finding some under the tree
Jaysa and Paisley laying with their dolls
All 4 girls
 Jaysa and Breklyn

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