Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Mexico Trip

We went on a vacation to New Mexico this summer to see my Nana and Papa (my Dad's parents) and my Aunt Becky. They used to live in Houston but now they are in Farmington NM and we miss them. My whole family of 5 and my parents and two younger sibblings all went. We rented a big van and drove through the night to get there. It was so beautiful there and they have an amazing house and gorgeous landscaping. It was so good to see them. The kids loved it too.
Here are some pictures from our trip.

These were in Durango, Colorado. We drove from Farmington up there into the mountains, its pretty close so it was nice. We loved it there, it was beautiful and there was a lot to do.

Playing and rolling in the grass, they had a blast!

 This is a picture of a stage at night. We did a chuckwagon dinner in Durango one night. It was up in the beautiful mountains and we had lots of fun. There was a concert after dinner, I don't remember what their name was, but it was 4 cowboys and they were quite entertaining! The girls loved it!

 Nana and Papa bought them both turquoise rings and bracelets, they are darling!!

 Kip and Kade went golfing with my Uncle Donny one morning.

Beautiful rainbow we saw one morning. I love how the girls both pose the same :)

This is in Durango in the mountains somewhere. It was so fun exploring. This little creek was so pretty, the girls liked finding cool rocks.

On our way back my Dad spotted a teepee. He loves indian stuff and loves teepees. He actually has a real one set up his yard :) We drove back by it and got out and this lady with the super long met us outside our car and was nice enough to show us around. Her and her partner had a house and a teepee and huge garden and lived life sustaining themselves. They are all natural and don't use or do anything that's not natural. She stuck so bad too! It was really neat to see though, I would like to be more like that.

Playing at the playground
Playing in the grass by the playground. It was the most perfect grass and was so soft. The weather was beautiful too.
Playing on the sand hill. My Papa is having a playground built on his property for when the great grandkids come visit and there were just piles of sand that the kids loved.

We found this bull frog and showed it to everyone then let it go.

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