Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sea World Day 2

We went to Sea World again! Our family, my brothers family, my parents and my two younger siblings went. One of the sea lion trainers who met us when we went to Sea World last time contacted me and wanted to see if we wanted to come back and see more behind the scenes stuff. Of course we said yes! His name is Todd and he is super nice and planned the whole day for us. He couldn't be there when we were able to go so he gave us contacts and told us where to be and when. It was awesome and he was so kind to do this for us! Thank you Todd!! First we met Amanda at the Flamingos. She let all the kids feed them and they loved it. We learned that they get their pink color from a certain food they eat. If that wasn't in their diet they wouldn't be pink. Then Amanda took us to see the dolphins. They are not the ones you can feed and see in the regular park, they are behind an area that I never knew existed. It was so neat! The dolphins were a favorite among most everyone. They were so amazing and cute you just wanted to jump in the water with them and snuggle them:) They felt so cool, different than you would expect. We saw two dolphins with their babies that were just born. It was fun learning about them. Thank you Kyle and Jenny for showing us the dolphins! Around that same area were some seals and sea lions we saw. Then we saw some different birds, an owl, and a wallaby. They were neat and none of us had ever seen a owl in real life. Thank you Amanda! After that we attended the Shamu show (killer whales) and met with Greg, one of the trainers, after the show. We were able to see the whales close up and interact with them. The trainers are not allowed to get in the water with them anymore because of the trainer that was killed in Florida a little while back, but they are hoping to get that changed. They sure are beautiful whales. Thank you Greg! After that we grabbed some quick lunch and headed over to the penguins. We went behind the scenes and one of the workers, Chico, took us in and we got to go in the exhibit and feel how cold it is in there. Jaylie was shivering and Breklyn was so cold she kept wanting to go out. They loved the penguins though. Breklyn liked to look at them but did not want to get close or touch them. She was that way with all the animals all day:) Jaylie loved them and could have stayed there for hours. There were several kinds of penguins they showed us and a puffin. After we went in the exhibit we went into a room and they brought some of them in. They felt so neat. The penguins even painted Jaylie a picture with their feet! She loves it! Thank you Chico! After the penguins, we split up and everyone rode some rides they wanted to do and then we met up at the water park to cool off. We went to Rudy's on our way home and luckily didn't get home too late because we had to wake up early for our KXAN new's interview.  We had a great time at Sea World, everyone loved it!
 Feeding the ducks and flamingos
 My brother CJ with his daughter Jaysa
 Breklyn was scared to touch the dolphins, she cried :)
Crew was scared too. He got splashed by the dolphins early on and was scared after that.

 CJ and his family

 My parents and 2 youngest sibblings
 The whole gang. So cool that they got the dophins to jump in the picture.

 My Dad
 My Mom trying to get Crew to touch him.
 Poor kid
 Feeding the dolphin. She loved throwing him fish!
 Seeing the birds

 Breklyn wanted to be held most of the time so she wasn't down with the animals. She was so scared!

 The Wallaby
 The cool Owl

Sesame Street show. Jaylie had been wanting to see it all day because we didn't get to see it last time we went. Jaysa watched it with us and they both loved it!

These are all from seeing the penguins. It was so neat and everyone loved it. They are just the cutest little things ever! Thank you Chico for showing us around. The above picture is a poster we saw of Chico when he used to work for the Ambassador team :) 

These are from seeing the killer whales. They are so beautiful!
Watching the Shamu show

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