Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick MRI

Jaylie went in today for another fast acquisition MRI to check the fluid around her brain. She loves those MRI's, they have monkeys hanging everywhere and she gets stickers afterwards. It's really fast, she only lays there for about 3 minutes. She even said about a week ago that she wanted to go and get an MRI! I'm glad she likes it, it makes it so much easier for me. After that we headed upstairs to the cancer clinic to do blood work. She did good with poking her port (she still hated it but didn't freak out as much) and it was over fast. Her blood work was great, no issues. She has not lost or gained weight. I am trying really hard to put weight on her but it is just not happening. Our third appointment of the day was with Dr. Lee, Jaylie's neurosurgeon. He is such a great guy and doctor and we will forever be grateful for him and that he was able to get all of her tumor out. I always get emotional saying bye to him after our visits because I am so thankful for him. Everything looked good on the scan, the fluid is continuing to lessen and he said we will for sure not need to do surgery to drain it. Good news!  He said it will just keep going away. He didn't see any tumors, but this is not the kind of scan you need to check for that. I was relieved though because I know that if she had a large tumor that he would be able to see it. I don't know why we never asked anyone how large the tumor was, I guess we were just in shock and caught up in everything that happened that we never thought to ask. We knew it was large from the MRI image we saw, but didn't know how large. I asked him today and he said it was huge, about the size of his fist. He has huge hands. His one fist is both of my hands clasped together, so about the size of a grapefruit. I was kind of surprised to hear it was that big! No wonder she had a hard time afterwards! It is a miracle she came out of the surgery with no effects.  Miracles do happen in our days. When we got home that day, we were greeted with Hello Kitty waffles! Jaylie was so excited! My friend, Kendyll, who was watching Crew for me that day has a Hello Kitty waffle maker and she brought it along with all the stuff to make and fix waffles over and had them cooking when we got home. It was so sweet!

We don't have any more appointments this week and don't have one until Friday of the next week, so Jaylie is excited! Next Friday she has her big MRI of the full brain and spine to check for cancer and then she has her audio gram again to check her hearing. Please keep Jaylie in your prayers. Kip and I appreciate all that everyone is doing to help us out. It is amazing and we are blown away with kindness and generosity. We cry a lot of sad tears but probably cry almost just as many happy ones because of all of you and the help we are receiving daily. This whole journey would be much harder without all of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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