Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Circus and Spy Kids

Kip and I took Breklyn and Jaylie to the Barnum and Bailey Circus they had here in Austin. They had never been to a circus before so I figured we should try and go before chemo started. My parents watched Crew that night, he would have been hard to take. He is such a crazy busy boy:) The girls loved seeing the elephants. The acrobatics was amazing and it was actually a super good show. We felt like we were in Vegas. We were very impressed. It was great to have fun together the night before her first chemo round.

A couple months ago during radiation Jaylie got to go to the set of Spy Kids 4 and meet the two kids in the movie, Rowan and Mason. She loved them and we found out they were doing a premiere in Austin (where it was filmed) so we went. My parents, sibblings, Kip, Jaylie and I went. Here we are in front of the sign. We were hoping Jaylie would get to see Rowan and Mason again, but we had a large group and didn't wait around. They called shortely after we left and Kip and Jaylie and I could have gone up to the VIP room to see them, so Jaylie and I were bummed we didn't get to, but it was still fun.

Silly girl :)

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