Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 The support we have been receiving is truly amazing. As I have said before, we are blown away by it. So many people have done so many things. Sometimes I am thinking straight enough to get pictures, sometimes I am not. Here are two different times I did get some pictures :)

Some of the Young Women (youth ages 12-18) from a different ward in our church came over one night and decorated our door for Jaylie and brought gifts for all the kids. We don't even personally know any of them, they just wanted to show their support and love. They were all so sweet and it was very touching. It brought tears to our eyes to say the least. Thank you so much girls!

 Our door that they decorated. Jaylie LOVED it! It says Tweety Bird on some of the hearts which she loved and the other hearts had little notes on them of love and encouragement. It was very neat.

 Walsh Ranch Ward Young Women and their leaders with Jaylie, Breklyn, and I

 They were so amazing and got each of the kids their own bag full of fun things for them.

 Two friends from my ward (church) growing up came over and brought Jaylie a bunch of things. Emily lives in Houston and at their girls camp they made a bunch of things for Jaylie. We were blown away that they were doing that all the way in Houston. Emily and Kirsten got Jaylie some gifts too.  She loved it all.  Thank you! It means so much.
 Emily, Jaylie and Kirsten

I tried to get a picture of the girls standing with all the stuff, but they kind of stood in front of it. You can see the awesome Tweety poster a little bit though. She loved it and it was really well done!

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