Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chemo Day

 Jaylie has chemo on Wednesdays, either before or after her radiation (it just depends on the availability). These pictures were taken on Wednesday, the 15th of June.  This was her 3rd chemo treatment. The 2nd one did not go too well so we gave her some anti anxiety medicine for this one. It went a lot better but she was still pretty scared. My mom took some pictures on her phone, so they are not good quality, I apologize. This one was taken right before they poked her port. They stick a needle with a tube attached to it into her port and then they can draw blood and give the chemo medicine.

This is of Jaylie giggling when they were cleaning the area around her port. They have to wipe off the emla cream we put on there (it makes it numb), and then clean it really good and she always giggles.

This picture is sad, poor girl. The giggles soon turn into fear. I have to hold her hands and stay close to her so she doesn't move a lot when the needle is going in. I am wearing a mask so her port doesn't get infected when it is poked.
 This is after it is poked and accessed. You can see the tube hanging down.  Right after it is accessed, she is fine. She has been liking to watch a movie while we are waiting in the room. They have an x box in all the rooms so the kids can watch a movie on there or play games.  When the nurses and different people come  in to talk with me, she gets mad that she can't hear it as well, so she tells us to be quiet a lot. Most of the time she is polite about it, but we are working on it :) She really enjoys her movie time at the hospital!

Jaylie loves this lamb!

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