Monday, June 6, 2011

My Awesome San Antonio Friends

Our friends from San Antonio (that is where we lived until about a year ago) put on a huge garage sale and donated all the proceeds to Jaylie to help pay for her medical bills.  We had no idea they did it and were blown away by how much they made. We are so thankful for everyone who helped!! My friend sent me these pictures that they took, I am so glad I have them. These same friends designed this shirt that some of them are wearing and had them printed too and they made Jaylie a little mailbox and gave me a ton of cute cards from everyone in San Antonio, some we know, some we don't. I will put cards in the mailbox and she gets to choose one every day after her treatment. She loves it and looks forward to it! Two of these friends came up to my house on Sunday and brought all this stuff with them.  We thank you all so much!!

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  1. So amazing! Love all those faces I recognized. Wish I was there to help. What a wonderful idea. Love your updates and pictures. Praying for you.