Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crew's Doc Band Graduation

Crew graduated out of his doc band! He had torticollis when he was born and it caused plagiocephally, which means he has a flat spot on one side of his head in the back. This doc band helped to round his head out. It definitely made a big difference but I wish it would have gotten a little more round, it is still a little bit flat. But I am glad he is done, we had to go for appointments every two weeks and they were down town. Once all this happened with Jaylie, his head seemed so insignificant. But I'm glad he finished and he is done. He is always such a good boy at his appointments and his tech, Amy, was awesome, all my kids loved her!

Amy would always comment on his faux hawk :)

He was so good when we put this over him. They have to put this on the babies and get the images they need of the shape of his head.

Amy always made faces and talked in this cutest little voice the kids loved.

Girls keeping busy while trying to make Crew stay put for the pictures.

Getting measured. He hated this!
Playing waiting to get pictures.
One last picture of my little cutie in his helmet. I started to actually like it on him, I love this kid!

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