Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank Goodness Its Friday

I don't think Jaylie has ever been so excited that its Friday and its the weekend, because it means no radiation on Saturday or Sunday. It was so cute what she said when we were putting the girls to bed tonight. Breklyn was talking and not wanting to go to sleep and Jaylie said "Breklyn, I have to go to sleep right away because tomorrow I don't have radiation, because I don't have it on Saturday or Sunday, so its my special day tomorrow and I want to have a lot of fun with Daddy, so I need to go to bed right now".  It was pretty funny. She is catching on so fast and is learning things 5 year olds should not ever have to know. She had her little neighbor friend over for a little bit today before her radiation and they were playing and I overheard Jaylie talking to her about her radiation. She was saying, "I hold really still during my radiation and because I do that I don't have to have anesthesia. If I had to have anesthesia I wouldn't be able to eat until after my radiation, but because I am so still I get to eat before." It's still so weird hearing my 5 year old talk about anesthesia and radiation. Jaylie and Breklyn have been playing a lot of doctor lately. It seems like that is all they want to do. They are pretty cute doing it, but it is kind of sad to me too, it reminds me that this is our life now, a life I would have never wanted or chosen. Breklyn thinks we are all going to get surgery to help us. I was feeling sick the other day and she said "It's ok mom, you just need to go to the hospital and get your surgery and then you will be all better, k?" Every time something is wrong she says she needs surgery on her head. All 3 of the kids have done really well with all of this actually. Crew amazes me how well he has adapted to me being gone and taking bottles now and everything. I am thankful for all the little tender mercies like this that we have been given by our loving Heavenly Father. Without them this would be impossible.

Kip and I are blown away every day at all the service and support from everybody. Just as an example, in one day a friend brought by a blender from Blendtec that they gave to us because she shared our story with them (I was freaking out!), another friend cleaned my bathrooms and sanitized all the door knobs and railings, two friends babysat my kids and brought presents for all 3 kids with them, someone brought dinner, the same friend that babysat for me brought me brownies from Tiff's treats, I found out a friend is making t shirts in honor of Jaylie, and a bunch of people contacted me to see how we were. Now you can see that we are seriously just blown away by all of the love and service. We are so thankful! Thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their busy lives to help us. We appreciate it so much!

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  1. It really is amazing what our kids catch on to. What is even more amazing is how resilient they are.

    Amelia is going to have a lemonade stand for Jaylie this week. I'll send you some pictures when we do it.

    Love you guys.