Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spy Kids 4!!!

Pat is a wonderful friend of mine that has a daughter, Cassie, who is the photo double for the lead girl character in the movie Spy Kids 4 that is coming out in August. Rowan Blanchard is the name of the girl who plays Rebecca (the girl spy kid) in the movie. Pat talked with Rowan and her parents about having Jaylie meet them.  They were really sweet about it and said they would love to and instead of coming to our house, they said we could go to the set where they were filming. Pat called and surprised us with this fun news and Jaylie was sooo excited! She was excited that she was going to be able to meet Rowan and Mason Cook (the boy spy kid in the movie). She watched the trailer a bunch of times and then 5 more times on the way down there to meet them. The movie was filmed in Austin this past fall and winter but they are doing last minute shoots with Rowan and Mason. My mom, Jaylie, and I went and it was awesome! We got to see the sets, some clips from the movie, and watched them do some of the filming. Jaylie even got to sit in the seat next to the director, Robert Rodriguez! It was really neat. Rowan and Mason are adorable kids. They were amazing with Jaylie and are both so polite and great with people. Rowan held Jaylie's hand everywhere we went and was so cute talking with her. I was super impressed because she is only 9, truly an amazing little girl. Jaylie really took to her and loves her! Both Rowan and Mason's parents are great too and took time out of their busy schedule to talk with us and make us feel comfortable. They are all really good people and I am grateful that we were able to meet them and have this awesome experience. Jaylie had a blast and loved it!! She is getting more and more tired lately and she was quite tired last night when we went, but she did good and had lots of fun. She is so excited to see the movie (and my Mom and I are too)!! There was so much talent there it was amazing, you don't realize all the stuff and all the many people that go into making a movie. It was wild to see it!  A big thank you Rowan and Mason (and their parents) for having us and being so awesome, and to Pat for thinking of Jaylie and making this happen!!

Mason, Jaylie, and Rowan

Mason playing peek a boo with Jaylie and her Hello Kitty, which she loves and takes everywhere! Its her comfort thing.
 Jaylie with the prop dog they used in the movie. This is a robot dog and looks sooo real, even up close. They used this and a real dog in the movie.

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  1. Oh my word, how sweet is that?! What a fun experience for you guys! And, what a little dolly that Rowan sounds like! I love that she was so sweet to Jaylie. I'm loving your updates. Thank you so much for taking the time to do them.
    Love you guys. We think of you all the time. Love love love. melis