Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hair is Gone

So Jaylie's hair was getting really bad and falling out a ton and getting everywhere, so she decided it was time to buzz it off. We have her options of cutting it shorter, coloring it, really whatever she wanted. She wanted it all off though. She has had such a great attitude, a couple weeks ago I was washing her hair and she was not liking it. I told her that whenever her hair falls out, we wont have to wash it, brush it, blow dry it, curl it, flat iron it, nothing! She was so excited and said that she wanted it to all come out right now. We have been preparing her for this and we are amazed at how well she did. It has been the hardest thing as her parent seeing chunks of her hair come out. It has been a lot harder for Kip and I than it has for her. I think it will be easier now that it is all gone, although it is sad now because every time we see her we have a constant reminder of her cancer and what she is going through.  We are seeing so many blessings and little miracles in our lives though and know its from all the prayers. We thank you for them because we know that the only reason we are getting through this is because of your prayers and because of God watching over us.

 This was on Thursday. She constantly had hair all over her. I would try and get it off her back but a minute later it was all over it again. You would just touch her hair and a big chunk would come out. Friday was even worse. I am glad we decided to buzz it on Friday, I don't think I could have handled it falling out even more. 

 This was her pillow after she woke up in the morning.  This was on Monday. Everyday it got twice as bad.

 This was taken on Monday also. By Friday, it was huge chunks coming out. 

 Jaylie wanted to cut Daddy and Papa's hair, she had fun doing it. After his was all buzzed off, she kept telling him how good he looked :) She is so sweet!

 Its hard to see in pictures, but she had bald spots all over. Her hair was everywhere. Everytime she sat down or layed down, it would be all over when she got up. It bothered her that her hair was everywhere. 

 Cutting Papa's

 Kissing Papa's head

 We put her hair into a couple pony tails and then cut the pony tails off. I have them in a baggie to keep.

 We asked her if she wanted to cut it really short, like a inch or two all over and wear it cute and spiky or if she just wanted to buzz it all off. She goes "Bzzzzzzzz" and ran her hand over her hair. She has seen Daddy do it before and that is what she wanted. She did not want to mess with her hair anymore.

 She laughed during some of it because it tickled. Her head and ears are really sensitive from the radiation, so it hurt her a couple of times near her ears. She cried a little but got over it fast.

 I took these pictures, it was so hard for me to see this. I started crying but knew I had to stop so she wouldn't think that this was a sad thing. We wanted to keep it fun and happy. If she weren't able to see me I would have been balling. I will miss her with hair but she is still so beautiful. She has such an amazing attitude and spirit. I love this little girl!

 She is still quite protective of her stiches, so we went slow on that part. It is healing up really well and is kind of scabby. Hopefully it will just be a scar soon.

 Papa, Jaylie, and Dad
 She loved that she looked just like them
 We were in a hurry afterwards because a friend came over to sit the kids so Kip and I could go out on a date, so we tried to hurry. I didn't get a great one of just her, but I will soon and will post them. She went and looked in the mirror afterwards and smiled. She loved it. My parents came and picked her up later last night and took her to their house for a sleepover. She was so excited about that. I asked my mom if she had said anything about her hair or anything and she said that Jaylie seems to really like it. Then later she was with my sister Kindra and was looking in the mirror and said "I love my new hair. I look good with no hair!!!"

We are so proud of this little girl! She really couldn't be any more amazing or have a better attitude. She amazes us everyday and is such an example to us. She looks so cute!

Kindra took this next picture :)

 Jaylie with Aunt Kindra and Uncle Kade, on the way to Nana and Papas.


  1. She is right :) She does look good with no hair, she's beautiful!

  2. Oh, that girl is something else! I can't believe what a doll she is and how sweet she was about it all!?! She continues to amaze me!!
    What I love most is that SHE is happy with it! The story about her looking in the mirror and smiling? Does it get any sweeter than that?! No. Nope, it doesn't.

    What a dolly. I love that girl. And, I love you guys too! You guys are the best. What a lucky girl to have parents as wonderful as you guys. Love love love to all of you!
    love melis

  3. You are beautiful Miss Jaylie!

  4. She is rockin' the bald look. She really is a beautiful girl, inside and out.

    I saw you in church today and was going to come say hi, but didn't want for you to feel bombarded :)
    If you guys are ever in the mood for playing, let us know.


  5. What a beautiful little girl!!

  6. Oh my goodness Jaylie! Your so amazing & so strong! You amaze me everyday. You are super cute! Your BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for being such a great example. Love ya girly!
    Love Karigan!