Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Fun

Today has been a good day! Chemo was tough for Jaylie but she turned right around and did awesome at her radiation. We took her to a friends wedding reception tonight and she had a blast running around with all the kids, it was soooo great seeing her so happy and so herself. Her counts are still really good so we got the ok have her be around friends right now. It was awesome.

 Jaylie with Savanna and Natalie. She loves these girls and they are so cute with her even though they are a little older than her :) After the reception she had a sleep over at their house. It was her first sleep over ever and we were nervous! She did great though and didn't even want to leave the next morning when I went to pick her up.

 Jaylie with her Aunt Kindra (my sister). You can tell in this picture that Jaylie had been running around and getting sweaty.

Here is a picture from the sleepover. The three of them slept together in this big bed. Jaylie had so much fun!

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