Friday, June 3, 2011

Radiation and Port Pictures

 Jaylie with her port accessed. She has butterfly stickers all over over her chest and tummy so the radiology techs can position her correctly. Jaylie has gained about 6 pounds since she left the hospital from her surgery. I started buying her full fat milk and yogurt etc. so she won't get too skinny and frail during all the treatments. I have let off now because she has gained weight so fast :)

 You can see the tubing hanging out better in this one. If she had to get anesthesia everyday for radiation, she would have it accessed like this Monday through Friday and then on Friday they would take the needle and tubing out. Luckily she doesn't have to mess with that.

 Crew at his doc band appointment. He loved this car.

This was on one of the screens outside the radiation room. I thought it was cool that we could see her port (upper right of screen).
 At radiation after her treatment. She loves her tweety mask, it makes it a little easier. The last couple of days she has not wanted to do the treatments. She has complained, but we always have a talk about why we have to do them and then she is ok.

She lays down and they put the mask over her face and then lock it into the table so she can't move her head.

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